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Investor protection is a very real issue. Read more about families coping in the aftermath of investor fraud. To submit your stories, email us at victims@protectyourinvestments.org

Allan Goldstein

“Every single person with an investment account at a broker-dealer should take action and ensure passage of this bill – HRXXXX.”


Constance & Neil Friedman

“We thought that we would receive SIPC insurance.  We knew SIPC was created to provide relief and protection to victims of broker theft or other malfeasance.  But that has not happened.”

Michael Devita

"For all who invested with Madoff, our lives have never been the same, and never will be again...I have come to understand that I have been a victim of both Madoff, and my government... Now, here we are three years after the crime, and our government tells us our account statements are meaningless." 


Emma Devita

"What happened to Madoff victims could happen to anyone...I simply could not believe that all those brokerage account statements, stock transaction statements and 1099s reporting all my 'earnings' were nothing more than tissue paper..."


Bob & Stephie Halio

“I would urge every person with any money with a registered broker dealer to support this bill.  It will assure them of the protection we all deserve and that is already in SIPC law and send a clear message that a Trustee in a SIPC proceeding cannot write his own rules, nor can he arbitrarily go against Congressional intent.”